1/17/21 Sunday morning meditation

Sunday morning meditation.

There is a fairly significant and seemingly growing portion of our population that wants and or has been sold this notion that we need “new” and “fresh” ideas.
There are many of these same folks that accused the Republican party as the party of “old” and “washed up” ideas, but on the other hand the Democrats are full of “new”, ”enlightened” and “progressive” solutions to our problems.

It has been a long and well-established fact that when it comes to human interactions, there is nothing fundamentally new under the sun.
Both parties are selling old ideas wrapped in new packaging.

One of the core principles of the modern (and I would add, radical) Democrat party is "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". To prove this point, all one has to do is look at what the Democrats advocate for concerning our tax code and welfare system.

Now to many that sounds like a new and fresh feel good idea, but to anyone that is even vaguely aware of history, they realize that is an old Marxist tenant (even though he was not The first one to come up with it)... and it has NEVER ended well.

I’d be curious to know if any of you could think of any of the Democrats economic plans that do not fall under that notion?
And please don’t point out the hypocrisy of Dems like Bernie, Biden and Obama in maximizing the tax code to mitigate and minimize there tax liability. Just because somebody proposes, pressures and pushes an ideology does not mean they actually believe it. Lying hypocrites are not a new thing.

Another one of the many “new” old wore out (and dam destructive) ideas the Democrats are pushing, is that you are responsible for me and I can and should hold you accountable.
That is a fundamentally socialist notion which is repugnant to the system which this nation was and is founded on. But for the sake of argument, If that claim is true that you are responsible for my health, on what grounds do you define and limit my ability to forcefully impose practices or restrictions on you that I perceive as being best for my health?
According to our system, after I transition from childhood to adult hood, I alone alone am responsible for me, myself and I. And my Rights only end where yours begin.

When at it’s best, the Republican party is also selling “old ideas”. But they are the time tested and proven principles of individual Rights, personal Responsibility and Equality Under The Law. These principles empower the INDIVIDUAL (regardless of their real or perceived situation) to make the best decisions for their unique needs and situation.

One thing that needs to be adamantly affirmed and reaffirmed is that money is PROPERTY, just like your place, pickup or play station.
Reasonable people are rightly repulsed by the notion that one could acquire more or less Rights to these items based upon their income,net wealth or any other perceived status.
But is that not exactly what is happening under the so-called progressive income tax system we currently have?
The more you make the less Rights you have to it and that is reflected in the smaller percentage of each dollar that you are able to retain.
I personally contend that our tax system is illegal and immoral. To have equality under the law, there should be a simple flat tax of no more than 15% (in my opinion) of your net income.
Equality under the law means that ownership by definition must be treated the same for everyone. So my dollar (a.k.a. property) should not be taxed differently than anybody else’s dollar.

This goes back to a piece I wrote last week about words and their definitions. The radical Democrats talk about “equality”, but they are manipulating that word to mean something fundamentally different than what our Founding Fathers meant. Have you noticed that the Democrats don’t seem to give a damn about REAL equality? What they care about is a quality of OUTCOMES, and could not care less about the equality of EFFORT or equality in each individual’s INTRINSIC WORTH and VALUE. We are clearly not all equal in TALENT and ABILITY and that seems to be the primary “inequality” that the Democrats want to focus on. One of which cannot be reconciled, nor should it be. We all have different wants, desires and needs and we should not be forced to be “equal“ in those areas.

As perfectly fine and fun as new fads are in the worlds of fashion, architecture and interior design, the “new” old fads of totalitarianism that are rearing their oppressive heads are not. And if not dealt with firmly and promptly, history has proven there is a high price to pay for that mistake.

When I look into the future and what I want for my government, is less of it, and I want them to stick to the “old” time tested proven principles that made us the most prosperous and the least racist society known to man.

As John Hancock wisely pointed out,
“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past.”

What side of new old ideas of the past are you going to be on?